About Us


Louthera Australia is proudly 100% Australian made and owned. We are driven and passionate to find simple and effective solutions for everyday maintenance and everyday challenges faced by our skin. Our formulations are based on botanical biomimicry using nature's science to create sustainable, results driven products. No Nasties and Never tested on animals our products aim to be ethical as well as affordable. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Our Premium Skin Nutrition is designed to help you preserve, protect, balance and restore this complex body system. Modern Day challenges of pollution, climate change and decreased nutrient value in the foods we consume place increasing demands on all of our body systems including our skin. More than ever we need to use additional measures to maintain our skin health and skin barrier function. At Louthera Australia, we are here to help, today, tomorrow and beyond!


Our Founder


Louise Holme

RN, BN, BEd, Grad Dip Bus Admin, MBA, AFCHSE


Our Founder has a career spanning over 35 years in the healthcare industry.

Louise is a passionate perfectionist and delivers excellence in every endeavour she undertakes.

As a Cosmetic Nurse and an avid consumer of skincare products during her lifetime, Louise has been frustrated by outlandish claims, confusing information and ingredients that are often harsh, harmful and unethical.

Louise suffers from a Chronic Skin Condition which has been further compounded by many products.

The Solution was to create Louthera Australia which sources best of breed ingredients and creates premium products that are affordable, ethical and results driven.

Louise and the team look forward to being of service to you and the largest organ in your body in the best way possible!

Louthera Australia is Australian Natural Skincare. We provide an extensive selection of Premium Skincare Products that are Affordable, Ethical and Results Driven. We hope you enjoy your experience with us.