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One lucky ticket will be issued and inserted in to each product purchased from the Gift Set/Collections page in our on-line store from 1st November 2021 until midnight CST 31st December 2021. Each ticket has a unique redemption code. To redeem your prize,  insert this code in to the Ädd a Note" field in the Cart Page of our online store. Redemption is valid with any purchase in our online store from 1st November 2021 until midnight CST 31st December 2022. Lucky tickets are not redeemable for cash, not transferrable and single use only. Lucky tickets are not redeemable without purchasing any additional item or items. Lucky tickets are not available to wholesale customers and can only be redeemed and presented in the Cart Page of our online store. Lucky tickets are not issued for purchases of single items or any item in our online store that is not displayed on the Gift Set/Collections page. 

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