J L Keez, March 2022

"Having discovered Louthera I am enjoying slowly adding their products to my daily routine. As a skincare 'junky' I especially enjoy the Deep facial Cleanser - for very little product it seems to 'grow' in volume when being used! The C Serum is a gem and the HA Serum feels like a moisture holding shield on my skin! Looking forward to adding to my collection ..."

Endorsed and used by Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Injectors, Dermal Therapists, Dermatologists and every day humans!

C Wuersch, January 2021

"Like many things in life getting the product that suits your needs can be a bit of a challenge, but having sampled the products by Louthera, I have finally found my perfect skincare regime. It feels absolutely beautiful and I look and feel radiant. I recommend it to anyone of all ages."

K Sheridan, August 2021

"I am really loving the products...especially the serum. Since I have been using it I have noticed a real change in my skin...smoother and has a glow/sheen.
Also, couldn't believe how amazing the price is...will definitely be back for more...and probably try something else too!

K Thompson, September 2021

I"I have been using the Louthera product for a few years now, I was introduced to the skincare routine by Kimberlee at Sage Beauty. I am not a huge make up/ skincare routine girl… Im very fortunate to have good skin. But as I add a few years it’s nice to know I have something that’s straight forward, simple to use and it does what it needs to do in cleansing and balancing my skin with the c syrum  and moisturizer. I am always complimented on the glow of my skin, I know it’s the skin care routine that is to thank for that! And I’m so glad that you’re based here in SA, supporting local means so much to me, so you tick so many boxes!! I’ll be a customer for life! Thank you for doing what you do!

Bit of Flit, October 2019

"My skin has never been clearer. If you love looking after your skin and are looking for flawless coverage I cannot recommend these products enough. The illuminating powder is incredible. I am obsessed  with the HA serum."

B Rooney, March 2020

"I have been using the serum and moisturiser for almost 2 weeks now, during that time I have noticed a huge difference in my skin, it looks fresher and feels more hydrated. I just want to say a huge thank you for your advice  & I am so glad I tried these products - I will continue to use them!"

C Hayes, December 2020

I love the products you gave me. Used the scrub twice, it’s my favourite and I will ordering that and the vit c serum too really soon. Both Really lovely! xx

N Moschos, June 2019

"I really love the Spa Facial . Love your Products! Thank you for the coffee soap scrub! Delicious!  And love love love your Spa Facial Scrub! Will buy the moisturiser soon!"

G Laver, October 2019

"These products are most helpful for my mature skin. They are all that I use now. I like the liquid Mineral Foundation, the C Serum and the Hand & Body Moisturiser. I have had a recent skin cancer removal on my face and the C Serum has helped my healing without scarring."

E Lucas, October 2019

"I was lucky enough to have amazing Shelley from Bit of Flit use some fantastic products from Louthera Australia on my face! I'm loving the illuminating powder!"

B Kitson, April 2019

"I really love the Spa Facial Scrub, it leaves my skin feeling great! I also like the hand cream, it smells beautiful and leaves my hands feeling soft."

Competition Winner, May 2019

"I love this product! I have been using it for over a year and am completely addicted! It leaves my skin feeling as smooth as a baby’s proverbial and is far superior than the ‘For Men’ scrub I was using before. PS. I hope you like my Cheeky entry 😊”

S Anderson, August 2019

"I use the Mineral Illuminator every day! I love it - I've found my liquid foundation underneath lasts longer and my skin looks incredibly dewy and healthy! Absoultely obsessed with your products. Thankyou!”

E Power Todd, January 2019

"Very hydrating. Plumps my skin nicely."

A Seydel, January 2019

"I tried the Citronella Repellent and it's amazing. Kept the beasts away, smells nice and hydrated my skin. No need to put nasty chemicals on your skin when you can get this one."

K McFarland, February 2019

"I used these products for the first time and i couldn't believe how wonderful they made my skin feel!!

Just incredible!

love, love, love them!!!


A Turner, October 2018

"I have been meaning to order for a week now, so have run out, as a result am using my old stuff, and yours is sooo much better, congratulations!"

S Rundle, December 2018

"I tried your samples over the last week and I loved what your products have done for my skin. I am a complete convert! A wonderful product, thank-you so much for introducing them to me."

S Jing, January 2019

"These products are amazing!"

K Anne, August 2017

"I love Louthera skin care range. It's simple, affordable yet result driven. The c serum is amazing and the day/night creams are very hydrating. I have introduced the skincare into my salon and my clients are also loving Louthera. Louise is a wealth of knowledge who is passionate about her products and has been extremely helpful and supportive."

H Park, August 2017

"I have very dry and sensitive skin. Your cleanser was the best suited for me. Please tell the owner to keep posting on Instagram as I am a huge fan of the products!"

M Skibicki, November 2017

"Very friendly and professional consultation. Great products, at very affordable prices. I highly recommend them 👌."

M Skibicki, November 2017

Louthera Australia is Australian Natural Skincare. We provide an extensive selection of Premium Skincare Products that are Affordable, Ethical and Results Driven. We hope you enjoy your experience with us.